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Kufi Cap and its Importance to Islam

A kufii is a short, rounded brimless cap worn by Muslim men in many countries. It is called various names, Prayer cap, Islamic cap, muslim cap, taqiyah, skull cap, topis and more. It is majorly worn for praying purpose. Although Kufis are predominately associated with Muslims, Christians are seen wearing these caps and some countries even consider it as part of their traditional attire. To Muslim elders, wearing the taqiyah represents their position or status in the society or family.

The idea of wearing a taqiyah symbolizes deep reverence for Allah. It is perceived as a sign of humility before Allah which is why Muslim men are usually seen wearing Islamic caps. Most especially at the Majid or during Jummah. The belief is that Prophet Mohammed used to keep his head covered. Therefore, all his followers both men and women should exemplify that.

Muslims Pray 5 times a day and are expected to wear the kufi caps during those times, otherwise it is a sign of disrespect before Prophet Mohammmed. Muslim men consider a kufi to be Mustahab meaning praise worthy or a way to seek Allah’s love.

Types of Islamic Payer Cap

Wearing of Kufi hat is a practice that is as old as the Islam. There are various kinds of Islamic prayer caps, but the most popular kinds are keffiyeh, topi and taqiyah. Over the years, the kufi has gained popularity among men of different culture and considering the importance of taqiyah for muslim men, this cap has adopted different styles and colour to suit the need and taste of modern muslims without losing its originality of being a brimless cap. The original kufi cap is the white skull cap, however, there are various styles and designs of this cap and are available in different colours and prints. Some of which are, woolen, embroidered, cotton, hand-knitted, stretchable and even custom made.

Where to Buy Islamic Prayer Caps Online in Nigeria

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