Getting your Men’s Arabic Perfumes and Oils

Looking good is good business for muslim men. Smelling good is even better business. The importance of smelling good cannot be overemphasized. Not only does your sense of confidence increase drastically, but people want to be associated with you. You are complimented everywhere you go and that will leave you feeling good and on top of the world. Your fragrance is a good way for people to remember you and great muslim perfumes actually tend to relieve stress from the wearer.

So what is the difference between men’s perfumes and oils? There isn’t much; both are made with the same formulas, and usually in the same concentration levels, so they usually end up smelling the same way. The only difference is that the alcohol in sprays has the tendency to make some of the ingredients seem sharper, and in the case of the oils which is made with coconut oils, the ingredients seem softer or milder, because of the coconut oil factor. Also, perfume oils tend to last longer.

When it comes to choosing a men’s perfume or oil that would work for you, it is important to choose one that suits your natural body scent. Most perfumes and oils enhance your scent and you want to pick the right one for your body. Remember that perfumes, while they can last a while, do not last as long as oils, so if you want a scent that would last longer, you should go for the oils. Also remember that fragrances tend to lose their potency when they are not stored properly. Refrain from storing your perfume bottles in the bathroom, hot places and under direct sunlight. Your closet or bedroom wardrobe is a much better option.

How you spray your perfume or apply your oil also plays a huge role in how long it lasts, on the skin and in the bottle. First rule of applying perfume or oil to the skin is to apply it in heat areas. These are spots where your body generates heat, and this heat will push and circulate the fragrance constantly all day. Spots like these include the neck, inner elbow, chest, wrist, forearm and shoulders. Do not also spray or apply perfumes and oils on your clothes; they tend to stain the clothes instead. One last trick; do not rub the perfume into your skin after spraying. You are only weakening the potency of the fragrance. And never, ever drown yourself in your cologne. You want people to smell a hint of your scent, not to be choked by it instead.

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