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When it comes to fashion wears and accessories, it is always important to be the first to know. It is even more important, and better when you can be the first to buy it and be the first to wear it. Keeping up with muslim fashion can be very tedious, especially when you do not have a particular store that stocks up with the latest fashion items. But with Habeebat, you do not have to worry about that. We have our store constantly flooded with new arrivals. Whatever kind of Islamic wear you are looking for, whether it is for you, your friend or family member, you will be sure to find it. Keep in touch with us for the latest style of jalamias, Abaya, men’s Kaftans, hijab, brooches and even turbans, to list a few.

Habeebat is not just about the muslim fashion wears. The new arrivals on our Islamic store range from fashion wears, to prayer mats, from incense sticks to Arabic perfumes. Whatever a muslim needs, they can be sure to easily find it on our store, and at the best prices too.

Are you looking to change your wardrobe? Our new arrivals every time will have you buying the most amazing outfits for yourself. For your prayer sessions, you need a prayer mat that will last, and since everything we sell is top quality, you will be sure to find them. Get the most amazing prices for top quality Arabic perfumesand oils that will leave you smelling like a king or queen. Whatever it is you need, just check our New Arrivals store and you will surely find it.

Shopping in Nigeria can be a tedious affair. You need to leave your house, battle the traffic and at the end of the day, not even find what you are looking for sometimes. This is why shopping online has become a part of our routine. All you need is one store that can provide you with everything you are looking for. And as a muslim in Nigeria, Habeebat is the best choice for you. On Habeebat, we do not run out of amazing things you would need as a muslim. Our quality items are sold at great prices and you will find even the items you think are scarce in Nigeria. Want to smell good? Buy our Arabic perfumes. Want to look nice? Shop from our endless collection of muslim clothing attires for males, females and children. Need a nice fragrance around the house and your prayer place? Buy our incense sticks. Need a prayer mat? We have the most beautiful mats available on Habeebat. Find wall art to decorate your home. Can’t find what you need? Check out our new arrivals and you will be sure to find it there.

So what are you waiting for? Starting shopping whatever you need as a muslim online on Habeebat now! And of course, we will deliver to you, anywhere you need us to!

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