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There are many reasons why smelling great is important. As a human, you will most likely repel people around you if they smell bad. There is also a great sense of confidence that comes with smelling nice. And of course, it leaves a lasting impression. Sometimes, a great scent is easier to remember than even a name. Lastly, it is an accessory just like your bag or makeup. It completes an outfit.

As a Muslim woman, wearing fragrances is not prohibited, but wearing strong scents is usually prohibited or not advised. This is because strong scents might attract the attention of other men to the woman. So, it is naturally advisable that while you can wear perfumes for Muslim women, they should be soft and mild scents.

There are different types of perfumes; sprays and oils. Oils are more lasting on the skin, and can actually last the entire day. Sprays are mostly alcohol based and if you want to avoid alcohol all together, you can choose oil based fragrances with the same fragrance concentrations from sprays.

Another thing to note is that the perfume spray lingers, usually leaving a noticeable trace that might be too much of a problem, especially if it is a strong fragrance. The oil clings more to the skin and is a much more subdued and intimate choice, something that will not be noticed without someone coming too close to you or probably giving you a hug.

For most Muslim women, the perfume oil of your favorite fragrance is usually the safer choice. And of course, perfume oils are usually cheaper than perfume sprays, if you are looking at being economical.

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