Arabic Perfumes & Oils for Women

The importance of smelling good cannot be overemphasized. It boosts the confidence level of anybody, and even makes one more attractive to people. Your scent can also show class, and it is such a heady feeling when someone can already tell it is you from miles away, just because of your signature scent. Perfumes have also been known to boost health. For example, spraying your favorite muslim perfume on a day when you are blue can actually lift your spirits. They have also been known to cure headaches and treat insomnia. Surrounding yourself with your favorite fragrances, some of which contain chemicals that relax the brain, can help you sleep at night.

There is not much of a big difference between perfume oils and sprays. They are usually made with the same fragrance formula, and usually in the same high concentration so naturally they smell the same. The only difference is that the alcohol content in the sprays tends to make some ingredients seem sharper, and in the case of the perfume oils, the coconut oil in the mixture tends to soften some ingredients.

Arabic perfumes are usually exotic and carry strong, aromatic fragrances. Here are a few tips on how to wear them.

  • First of all, bear in mind that they are quite strong and last longer than western perfumes. Check for the concentration by spraying it the first time, and then you can proceed to spraying it again and again, depending on how strong it is.
  • Spray behind your ears, the nape of your neck, your inner wrists and behind your knees. These are points that ensure the perfume lasts longer and the fragrance lingers with you all day. If it is a perfume oil, rub it on those areas too.
  • Spray your perfume on yourself so as to get the extensive scent that would last you all day. Spraying on your clothes instead will not allow the fragrance to linger and you might also stain your cloth.
  • Keep your Arabic perfumes and oils in a cool and dry place. That is the best way to store them. Not storing them properly will make them lose their fragrance over time.

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