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Women’s Turbans Online in Nigeria

Turbans are usually a representation of faith, but over time, have become a rather popular item of clothing or even more aptly put, a fashion accessory. Worn by men and women alike, turbans are headbands that are made by winding cloth around the head, usually held with a pin to keep it in place or folded in a professional way that it does not loosen eventually. Here in Nigeria, turbans are worn mostly by women and are a very necessary fashion accessory. For days when you do not feel like flaunting your hair, a turban is a sure way to keep it covered and look chic and classy. For muslim ladies, alternating between hijab and turbans ensure you are always looking different and classy even while covering your hair.

There are quite a number of styles of turbans. Some of them are not even known. A dumalla is a rounder, larger turban. A parna is a smaller round turban, usually tied using a thicker checkered or printed material. There is also the Paghri or Pagh, which is angular in style. Whether you buy the softer printed ones or the plain ones, a turban is a must have in any female’s wardrobe. And with a turban, you do not have to worry about unnecessary heat under your hair when you wear one. Turbans are comfortable and do not generate any kind of heat because they are made with light materials. They are even more comfortable than wigs, and of course, they give a certain sassy style to the wearer.

Turbans can be worn either as part of a casual wear or a formal one. If you are looking for the semi casual look, you can always wear it on a shirt and pair of jeans. If you are wearing a pattern turban, your dress should be plain in complimenting colors, and if you are wearing a plain one, you can play with patterned materials!

Where to Buy Female Turbans in Nigeria

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