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Quality Muslim Dresses for Islamic Women in Nigeria

Everyone wants to look good all the time. It is important to always look fashionable at every time. For the Muslim woman, religion demands modest dressing, but that does not mean that one cannot look absolutely breathtaking while at it. Muslim ladies, especially those in the corporate world, still have to wear the English wear styles like suits and the likes, but largely have more of the Islamic outfits in their wardrobe. So, as a Muslim woman, there are some pieces of clothing that you must have. Along with the muslim dresses you need, there are some accessories that are also a must have. Some of the clothes and accessories are listed below:

  • Abaya
  • A cloak for women that is worn over other clothing when they are going out in public. Abaya can be worn from the head to the feet, covering the entire body, or over the shoulders. They are usually worn with a scarf or a face veil. They are mostly made in black synthetic fiber, and have designs of embroidery on them.
  • Jalamiya
  • Worn by men and women alike, a jalamiya is a long flowing cloth, usually floor length, but sometimes ankle length too. Also known as a thobe, jalamiyas used to mostly come in white colors, although times have changed now and they have evolved into different colors and some are embroidered.
  • Hijab
  • : These are square or rectangular piece of cloth worn as a headscarf by women. It is worn by placing it over the head and fastened under the chin. They come in different colors and can be worn to suit the particular outfit being worn at the time. They can also be worn over any kind of outfit.
  • Khimar
  • This is a popular face veil for Muslim women. This style of scarf drapes covers the entire top half of a woman’s body, down to the waist.
  • Niqab
  • This is a face veil worn by some Muslim women. It sometimes comes with a slit for the eyes, and other times it does not.
Women’s dresses for Islamic women are endless and quite simply put, some of the most stylish wears worn by women in the world. Some of the styles have been copied all around the world. For example, most people style their normal headscarf in form of a hijab. This is because the style is beautiful and classy.

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