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Muslim Fashion: Women’s Maxi Skirts

Maxi skirts are one of those fashion outfits known as popular fashion. Every woman owns at least one or two or more, in various designs and colors. For an appropriate definition, a maxi skirt is a style of skirt that goes all the way to the ankle (it is an ankle length skirt). A maxi skirt can either be flowy or hip hugging. One of the reasons this style is highly favored among women's dressesis its knack to fit any height at all, so whether you are tall or short, you have no reason to not have a maxi skirt in your wardrobe. Another reason is that they are so easy to style with anything. As a Muslim lady, a maxi skirt is a modest dress style that will also leave you looking classy and chic.

There are many ways to style a maxi dress. If you are looking to keep it modest and simple, then you can go with a basic, light sleeveless tee and a jacket. If your maxi skirt is floral, it is best to go with a plain tee and a plain jacket. The jacket can be a light cardigan for cool breeze days and a blazer for really cold days. Another way to style a plain maxi skirt is to wear it with a light denim jacket. With a thin belt cinched around the waist, you might have just nailed the perfect outfit.

Another modest style to pull off with the maxi skirt is to wear a simple light tee and tie it around the waist, without letting the belly show. You would look chic and dazzling, while still covered up. Talk about modest dressing! Lastly, a maxi skirt with a long sleeve top goes perfectly well for when the weather is cold. Remember, if it is a stripped or floral top, pair it with a plain skirt and vice versa. For shoes, depending on how casual or serious the occasion is, you can wear from flats to heels.

Where to Buy Quality Women’s Maxi Skirts Online

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What more are you waiting for? Get on Habeebat’s online store today, and start stocking up your wardrobe with the best maxi skirt styles in Nigeria!

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